Dynamic positioning (DP) is commonly used by vessels working in the offshore oil and gas / renewable energy sector; subsea operations, field construction, cable-lay, platform support and other offshore related activities.

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A prospective DPO has to hold one of the STCW certificates (Deck, Engine, ETO) or be an officer trainee.


Here is your step-by-step guide towards the DP Operator (DPO) certificate award:

  1. The very first step is to get enrolled fora DP Induction/Basic course provided by one of the approved DP training centres. The course involves both theory and practice on a simulated DP system, and offers the candidate all the primary know-how about dynamic positioning.
  2. The second step involves the Trainee DPO gaining practical knowledge in the subject of dynamic positioning. Through the first expedition on board a DP vessel, the candidate has a chance to complete task sections of his DP Logbook.
  3. Anyone who has completed the first two steps becomes eligible for a Simulator/Advanced course. This course involves simulated DP operations including errors, faults and failures; giving participants the opportunity to apply the lessons learnt in both the Induction course and the DP sea time already accrued at sea.
  4. The fourth step involves the candidate obtaining sufficient DP watch-keeping experience, once again, on board vessels involved in DP operations. Once all components of the DP training programme are completed, a Statement of Suitability is issued by Master of the last DP vessel.
  5. Finally, the prospective candidate applies on-line and forwards all required documents to The Nautical Institute in order to be awarded the DPO Certificate.

Please note: From 1st January 2015, there will be two types of DPO certificates: Offshore  and restricted to Shuttle Tankers.