Ewa Babś, Finance and Operations Manager 

Ewa joined V.Ships at the beginning of 2013 and is tasked with managing the company's financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems.

Her first assignment was the implementation of specialized accounting  software used within V.Group's offices.

Ewa started her professional career in one of the largest auditing companies in Poland, gaining the title of Certified Accountant.

Prior to joining V.Ships, she also worked in the building construction sector and considers the change not only to be a challenge, but an opportunity for development.

Karolina S.

Karolina Stanulewicz, Junior Accountant

Karolina joined the V.Ships team in December 2015 as a Junior Accountant.

She graduated in Economy at the University of Gdansk. 
She wants to develop her career, gain more professional experience and meet new people.

Karolina loves travelling, good books and sports, especially handball.



Jolanta Pranszke, Chief Accountant

Jola joined V.Ships  Accounting department in May 2014 - she is responsible for statutory accounting and reporting.

She's been working in the accounting field for seven years in different sectors. The maritime field is a new area and as usual a new job is a challenge, but at the same time brings different opportunities of professional development and meeting new people.


Sylwia Przywarta , Accountant. Currently on maternity leave.

Sylwia joined V.Ships Accounting department in January 2016. 

She gained her experience by combining work with studying Finance and Accounting. She has been working as Accountant since 2010 and she really likes it. Her professional goal is to transform knowledge into practice, getting to know new interesting people and gaining new work experience.

In her free time she prefers active recreation. She likes mountain hiking, travelling and swimming. 


Katarzyna Anuszewska , Accountant

Katarzyna joined V.Ships team in June 2017 as an Accountant.

She graduated in Economics from the University of Lodz.

In her free time she likes active pastimes, likes to get to know new places and people.

Her professional goal is to increase her knowledge of accounting and use it in practice.


Alicja Kahan , Accountant

Alicja joined V.Ships Accounting Department at the end of September 2017.

She studied Finance and Accounting at the University of Gdansk. After graduating she worked as accountant in her hometown - Kwidzyn. A few years later she decided to come back to Tricity.

In her free time she likes to go to Zumba Classes and loves to read the books of Joanna Chmielewska.




Anna El Mouldi, Office Coordinator

Anna joined V.Ships in April 2017 as an Office Coordinator.

She graduated from the Polish Naval Academy with a Bachelor's Diploma in Pedagogy. For over 6 years she lived in London where she gained experience working as an Office Manager.

Travelling is her biggest passion in life.


Kornelia Reducha, Office Coordinator

Kornelia joined V.Ships in May 2017 as an Office Coordinator.

She is responsible for scheduling appointments, coordinating conference and meeting-room bookings and organising catering.

She graduated from the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdańsk, completing a Master's degree in tourism and recreation.

Kornelia has joined from travel industry. Outside of work she loves an active life, sports and travelling.