V.Ships seeks to provide the highest standards of service to its customers and, to achieve this, the company fully recognizes the vital role that its sea staff play.

V.Ships, therefore, recognizes:

The right to a safe and secure workplace that complies with safety standards.

  1. The right to fair terms of employment. 
  2. The right to decent living and working conditions on-board. 
  3. The right to health protection and welfare measures and other forms of social protection. 
  4. The full implementation of the above rights. 

Furthermore, V.Ships confirms its commitment to ensuring that:

  1. Employment is offered to seafarers free of charge. 
  2. A workplace free of discrimination of any kind is provided. 
  3. Wage payments and allotments are paid in a timely fashion and measures are in place to verify this.
  4. All seafarers receive wages to which they are contractually entitled. 
  5. Every effort is made to relieve seafarers at the time stipulated in the contract of employment and that measures are in place to achieve this. 
  6. Recruiting offices provide a welcoming environment and courteous disposition towards all seastaff. 
  7. Shorebased employees treat all seastaff with respect at all times and that this respect is reciprocated to promote harmony on-board. 
  8. There is follow up of any complaint from seafarers alleging non compliance with this Charter. 
  9. There is commitment to improving seafarers lives at sea and ashore as an ongoing priority. 

If you are not treated in accordance with the provisions of this Charter, you may contact  seafarers-charter@vships.com  and your compliant will be investigated.