i. The seafarer may complain:

  1. directly to the respective Crew Coordinator in a non-formal way;
  2. formally to the respective  Senior Crew Manager during debriefing process;
  3. directly to the Managing Director or
  4. directly to the company on email-id

ii. In addition, seafarer may use complaint & suggestion box placed in CMO. Managing Director will review these complaints and take appropriate action.

iii. Any seafarer with a grievance/complaint, however small, may have it dealt with by bringing the matter to the notice of the proper authority (such a list is available in the Crew Management Office).

iv. Any grievance(s) or complaint(s) made by the seafarers against the CMO activities in respect of seafarer's recruitment and placement services and/or the company and/or ship owner is resolved at the lowest level possible within an appropriate time frame in accordance with seafarer employment agreement and applicable national laws. Every seafarer's complaint is to be treated individually.

v. The Crew Coordinator receiving complaint to review and resolve it, if it is not resolved, Crew Coordinator to convey finding to Managing Director, who will then evaluate it to resolve at his level and inform the seafarer and/or concerned authority as required.

vi. In case, grievance, if any, is not resolved by the process above within 30 days, the seafarer may contact:
Ministry of Maritime Econimy and Inland navigation
Department of Maritime Economy
 4/6, Chalubinskiego Str., 00-928 Warsaw
TEL: +48 22 630 16 39; +48 22 630 13 85; FAX: +48 22 630 14 97

Or the relevant flag state administration (contact list available in the CMO).