To ensure seafarers employed on company managed or manned vessels are provided with adequate uniform and/or protective clothing as directed by relevant company manager.

Declaration of compliance

When this document and attachments have been read and understood, the declaration at the foot of this page is to be signed confirming understanding and compliance.  

It is essential to note and understand the following key policy points.

• Compliance is a condition of employment.

• Personal drug and/or alcohol abuse will not be tolerated.

• The Company is committed in every way possible to stopping the carriage of drugs and prohibits the unlawful possession and handling of drugs on any vessel, on Company premises, or when conducting Company business.

• Staff must not knowingly participate in any unsafe or illegal activity and must comply at all times with all mandatory rules and regulations.

• The Company operates a zero tolerance policy for deliberate discharges in breach of MARPOL.   Misuse of the Oily Water Separator (OWS) by any form of tampering and/or the use of by-pass pipes ('magic pipes') is strictly forbidden.

• All log books, environmental records and working record books must be carefully and accurately maintained and be in agreement where applicable. This includes (but is not limited to) Deck and Engine Room logbooks, oil record books, garbage record books, ballast management records, seal records and sounding books.

• Failure to follow SMS procedures relating to the protection of the environment is a dismissible offence.

• If any violation is observed, this must be made known to the Master immediately or reported through the Whistle-blower policy.

Authorities now impose severe penalties both on the Owners and on individuals found guilty of causing pollution and this may include personal fines and imprisonment.   In addition, any crewmember, after appropriate disciplinary procedures have been completed, found to have knowingly violated any of the above listed items will be considered guilty of "Serious Misconduct" and as such may be instantly dismissed from the vessel.


I confirm that:

a) I have read, understood and will comply with the Safety & Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, Drug and Alcohol Control Procedure and the Whistleblowing Policy and confirm my compliance.

b) I understand the warning given above and that I fully understand the penalties relating to this subject.

c) Employment is offered to, and accepted by me on the understanding that I will comply with the company procedures (SMS) while serving on board the vessel.

d) If I believe that undocumented procedures, unsafe and/or illegal practices are being followed or are taking place I shall bring this to the notice of the Master, the DPA or other Company representative without delay.

e) I understand the Whistle-blowing policy and procedure and will use this for reporting if reporting as per section (d) above is not appropriate or involves risk.

f) I will not delay reporting in order to notify a third party prior to notifying the Company.

To assist me in my understanding of the above, I also confirm that:

a) I have received and understood training in the SMS.

b) I have seen and understood the "Compliance" DVDs made by the Company and that I understand their content and implications.

c) I have no history of drug or alcohol abuse or smuggling of illegal substances and confirm I have not been convicted of any criminal offence, drug related or otherwise.